Attending a Seance? Please claim your dead.

Attending a Seance? Please claim your dead.

Seance is a gathering, where a medium brings through messages from the dearly departed.
When attending a Seance, there are a few things you should know.

The medium has no control over who comes through to give you a message. You may have your heart set on a reunion with Grandma, and instead your next door neighbor from when you were a kid comes through.

When a medium opens up a connection to the the spirit World, in the Seance setting, its opened up to all the people in the room, and all the people they know who’ve passed away. How many people do you know who’ve died? You can see how this can result in hundreds of souls wanting the attention of the medium.

So, why would your old neighbor show up instead of Grandma? This can happen for many reasons. Some spirits, are pushier than others, and they will literally jump in front of other spirits to get the attention of the medium.
The reason they do that is either they have a message they want to give you. They have a message they want you to pass on to their loved ones. Or they are there to bring through your Grandma.

Let me explain that last one a little further. Was your Grandma shy and kind of passive when she was alive? Chances are, she still is. She wouldn’t be the one to cut in front of all these other spirits, to gain the medium’s attention. So, loud neighbor gets the medium’s attention and once the connection is made, Grandma can then come through.

So, I cannot stress enough, you must consider everyone you know that has died, when going to a Seance. It doesn’t have to be a relative. It doesn’t have to even be a close friend, and it most certainly doesn’t have to be who you want or expect, to show up with a message for you.

So how does this all work?
The medium will become aware of the spirit, using one or all of their senses. Clairvoyance, the medium “sees” the spirit and communication occurs visually.
Clairaudience, the medium “hears” the spirit.
Clairsentience, the medium “senses” or feels the energy of the spirit’s emotional or physical state.
Clairalience, the medium can “smell” odors that relate to the spirit.
Clairgustance, the medium “tastes” things related to the spirit.
Claircognizance is a feeling of “knowing” information about the spirit.

For example, when I connect to spirit, the first thing that happens is I get a picture of the person in my mind. I then begin an interview process. Who are you, how did you die, what were your interests, etc. The picture then morphs into a sort of video clip, and I see, hear or feel the answers.

After the interview, comes the most important part. The medium will pass along the information given to them by the spirit, and the attendees
must recognize and “claim” them.

I say this is the most important part because a message can’t be given if there is no one to receive it. And I’ve seen people not “claim” their dead for a variety of reasons. Ranging from, that’s not the person I wanted to hear from, to My Dad had brown hair and the medium said blonde, but everything else was right.

Anyway, once the spirit has been claimed, the connection it has with the medium becomes stronger and the communication flows.

So, don’t be shy when “claiming” your dead. If it sounds like your Aunt Shirley, but you’re just not sure, raise your hand. The medium will sort out quickly enough if it isn’t. If you remain quiet, you could miss out on a connection with your dearly departed. Even if it is, that old neighbor from when you were a kid.

Tabitha L. Latshaw

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