Healing Powers of Crystals

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not telling you to ignore your doctor’s orders etc. Follow all doctors orders accordingly. Also, crystals do not cure or treat any illness. Crystals were used in conjunction with all of the doctor’s orders. The pictures below are a bit graphic, but it will show you how my knee looked on Jan 11 (Two days after surgery) to January 21 (12 days after surgery).

Crystal energies play a vital role in healing on all levels. As does intent (if you believe they work, they ABSOLUTELY do work. But if you don’t believe that they are gonna do jack shit they will ABSOLUTELY do jack shit.) The reason I had to have knee surgery was that I had completely torn my ACL, partially tore my MCL, and had two bone bruises. Long story short I had an injury so bad I had to have a cadaver ligament put into my knee. The healing was to take up to a year, with crutches for 6 months. Ummm, EXCUSE ME???? I have a 1yr old at this point and a job and I do not have time for any of this. So with surgery scheduled, I immediately did all the research I could and bought every crystal you could imagine to heal my knee as soon as I possibly could. I knew the crystals were going to heal me. I knew that I was not going to be out of work for more than one week (I told everyone I knew this and they didn’t believe it). I was in a brace that was from thigh to ankle. I put crystals everywhere inside the bandages, inside the brace and I even wrapped strands of crystals on the outside of brace. I slept with the crystals around my knee. I used a walker when I got home from the hospital. You see the anesthesiologist didn’t know if the doctor was absolutely going to use a cadaver tendon or my own so he did not give me any medicine in my thigh to numb my whole leg (it was the worst pain ever). So even with all the medicine, they had given me prior to leaving I still couldn’t walk. When I got home I put all my crystals around that knee. I told myself I would be off the walker the next day and not use the crutches (please just because I am stupid doesn’t mean I condone this in anyway!!! Listen to your doctor.) I never used my crutches (only to go to the doctor because I kept getting yelled at for not using them). I did my part with my crystals. I would open my brace at the doctors and have to get all the crystals out of my brace and have the nurse tell me that the doctor would think I was crazy and I said well you can’t tell me it’s not working because I had no bruising approximately 12 days after surgery. Without the use of my crystals and my belief in their healing benefits and the power of positive thinking, who knows how long it would have taken to heal. I was out of my brace completely within 3 months and out of therapy within 4. I worked hard, used my crystals 24/7 and I knew this was only going to be a small bump in the road, not a huge pothole that I couldn’t dodge. So come see us and we can help you find your perfect stones too.

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