Lilydale and the Journey to find a missing Sherpa

What did you do over the Summer? I and my two partners in crime (Kari and Tamara) took a couple of classes at Lilydale. Those of you that are into communicating with the dead, know that this is a Mecca for learning all things mediumship. And this wasn’t just any old class either. This class was being taught by World famous psychic medium, Lisa Williams. The class, Forensic Mediumship, was an intense three days of learning to use our skills as mediums to help solve all types of crimes. This is where I’m going to admit that I have more than a slight obsession with the ID (Investigation Discovery) channel. All those murders and I love to solve them. So when I saw this class, I was smitten. There was just one little problem. The course description said that you needed to be a working experienced medium to take the class. Hmm, well the three of us had recently gone to a friend’s house to get to the bottom of a spirit that was visiting her toddler son while he slept. Did this mean that we were working, experienced mediums? We were paid for our services in pizza. I’m gonna say that counts.

The first day of class arrives, and when we walk into the classroom the energy is almost overwhelming. There are at least 50 of us taking this class. 50 little beacons waiting to create a bond with spirit so strong, that we can use it to solve crimes. This caused the air in the room to feel almost electric. Then Lisa asked the dreaded question, ‘‘how many of you are working or practicing mediums.” Almost all of the hands in the room shot up. The three of us didn’t dare raise our hands. This was serious business, almost all of these people were card-carrying mediums. Were we intimidated? Nope! After all, we had all of this ID watching, crime-solving experience.

Next, she handed out articles of clothing, gave no further information and asked us to figure out what the story was with the person that owned the clothes. When Lisa got to my table, she handed a small sized fancy blouse directly to me. I suddenly felt this jolt of electricity run up my arm and I heard the word, “missing”, in my head. At this point, we were all split up into groups of 10 and told to work together. I told the group what I’d heard and asked if any of them thought the blouse belonged to a missing person. They all just looked at me silently. We go on as a group, all with different opinions. How old do we think she is? Some of us think she’s young, the rest thinks she’s elderly. What color is her hair? Every person gave a different opinion on the color. How the heck does she expect us to figure this out when each one of us believes what we are seeing or hearing is the right answer? But “missing” kept coming up, and I kept pushing my group. But I was so alone on that one that the person that was keeping the notes on our various theories, didn’t even bring it up when he presented our findings to Lisa. And neither did anyone else’s group. It took all I had not to jump up and shout “MISSING”, as she went around the room, listening to all of our thoughts. And then it happened, she said the words, “the clothes belong to a little girl that was kidnapped 7 years ago and is still MISSING. And before I could stop myself, I jumped up in front of the whole class and screamed, “I knew she was missing!!!!” And while I was making a thorough spectacle of myself, doing this psychic end zone type celebration dance, forgetful note taker guy apologizes for not presenting my theory. Maybe we can pull this class off after all.

Over the three days, we worked on several cases, but I’m going to tell you about the one that stuck with me. It’s the one I can’t let go of. Even that in itself goes against Lisa’s advice of not becoming too invested emotionally in these cases, you gotta let them go. It sounds so much nicer when she says it in her proper English accent, but it’s soooooo hard.

We didn’t get an article of clothing or a personal item this time. Lisa put a picture of a man up on the screen. Then preceded to play a video montage of people camping, hiking, enjoying nature. The same guy from the picture was in a lot of this video, so clearly, this case was about him. But what? No other information was given. Lisa instructed us to connect with the man in the picture, look into his eyes and get his story. He was a good-looking guy in his late 20’s or early 30’s. I stared into his friendly blue eyes and waited for the information to come. Missing!!!! It’s the first thing I hear. I close my eyes and see trees, snow, tents, wilderness, and mountains. I get a really bad feeling looking into these eyes, I get the feeling that this guy isn’t just missing, he’s crossed over to the spirit world. The room again starts to come alive with the exchanging of theories. Everyone is pretty sure this guy is missing. Lisa finally puts us out of our psychic misery. Yes, this poor guy is missing. He went missing last October while hiking alone on The Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State. Lisa had been contacted by his devastated mother. I’m assuming initially to determine if Lisa believed he was alive. Lisa now shares with the class that she has connected with him and confirms that he is in spirit.

Our mission now, use our psychic/mediumistic skills to help find his remains. Maps go up in the classroom, ½ mile maps of the trail are handed out. That’s not going to help me. I can’t read a map. We play the video of the hikers again. There are now 50 mediums trying to reach out to this guy. Talk about someone blowing up your phone. I wonder how he is supposed to respond to all of our questions at the same time. But it’s undeniable, his energy is there in the room with us. We all feel it. He’s a super laid back kind of guy, but very friendly and willing to work with us. He so much wants to be found so his Mom can have some peace. And we all want nothing more than to help get him home.

Sherpa. That’s his trail name, all hikers get one. At first, I thought this name was ironic, considering he’s missing, but I’ve come to realize that Sherpa is the perfect trail name for him. He is guiding us. He’s going to lead us to find him. You might wonder why he doesn’t just tell us his location. The Pacific Crest trail is over 2600 miles long, traversing from Mexico to Canada, and its terrain goes from pretty meadows and soft forest slopes to treacherous and unforgiving mountains.
The first time I asked him to show me where he was, I got a picture in my mind of the wilderness covered in snow. I was so confused. It’s not snowing anywhere in Washington, it’s August. Why am I seeing snow? I try again, hoping for a better image. Rocks, wilderness, snow. I’m getting frustrated, I guess I just can’t connect to this guy. I’m about to give up, and Lisa tells us that there is the question of whether or not he got caught in a snowstorm that came through the mountains. Ahhh, the snow. I’m being shown the conditions during the time he went missing, not what it looks like today.

The journey to bring Sherpa home continues…

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    Me please

  2. Aunt Helen says:

    Can I follow your adventures, please?

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    You had me at the edge of my seat!!! Good luck with your journey as a medium. You either have it or you don’t…you have it!

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