What is a Witch???

Before I get in to what a witch is, I will first tell you what a witch is not. Witches do NOT sacrifice animals. They do Not worship Satan or any other evil entities.
These are probably the two biggest misconceptions about witches. I’ve had friends and family members ask me if I sacrifice animals, even though they know full well, I spent years rescuing abused and abandoned dogs. I can only shake my head, and wish that people would take a minute to google what witchcraft is all about before they make those assumptions.

Do no harm!

First things first, witches follow the Wiccan Rede. The Rede states that we shall harm none, never take away the free will of another, and live by the rule of three. I’ll get to the rule of three in a bit, but the first two things are common sense. You don’t use magic or anything else to harm another. And you don’t use magic or anything else to take away the free will of another.
Sounds easy, right? But that includes a lot of things. You can’t put a spell on someone to make them fall in love with you, cause that’s taking away their free will. And you can’t do a spell to make your co worker lose their job, cause that’s causing them harm.
What this boils down to is, witches don’t do bad spells. Do bad spells exist? Yes they do. Just like anything else, you get the good with the bad.

Karma Karma Karma

Every one knows what Karma is, people accept its existence, despite their┬áreligious faiths. The rule of three is all about Karma. Good or bad. You do a spell for good, you will get that “good” back times three. You do a spell for “bad”, that will also come back to you times three.

We witches take the rule very seriously. You don’t want to incur bad Karma.

So, since we don’t worship Satan, you are probably wondering what we do worship. The elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire. The Sun, The Moon.

In review, witches don’t sacrifice anything or anyone. We allow our fellow man to have free will, and do not tread upon it. We know how to cast spells, but only use them to help other people or the World around us. And we live by the belief system that you put good out, you get good back.

That about wraps it up for now. Up next; Bad witches really are ugly! And how negativity spreads like the flu, and how to stop it!

Blessed Be,

Raina, The Good Witch

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