The only metaphysical store located on the west side of Pittsburgh, Elemental Magick, Inc. provides a range of products and services for anyone interested in furthering their own well-being, and beautifying their home.

We are here to help people, and we want to improve peoples’ lives. Our aim is for all who enter our store to come out feeling like a new person, and to this end we keep things reasonable and affordable. Our store offers metaphysical products and healing modalities, including various special readings. From candles and incense to jewelry and clothing, our products are derived from nature, and carefully chosen to represent the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air.

Come and meet our in-store mascot Bruce the Spruce. Very grounding and great for connecting with the Earth, we encourage customers or anyone who visits our store to touch or rub his head.

Our metaphysical products are used for improving your life, or to at least enhance the awesomeness of it. From candles and incense to carvings and crystals, you’ll find everything you need to beautify your space in our welcoming store.

Candles, Representing the Fire Element

A simple addition to any room, candles have the power to instantly transform any space from ordinary to sublime. Our individual candles are created to promote friendship, healing, love, health, warmth, protection, wealth, motivation, and confidence. We are proud to be the featured retailer for Dorothy Morrison’s popular and whimsical Coventry Candles during the month of August, 2015.

Incense, Representing Angels & the Air Element

Beautifully scent your home with incense sticks. Available in sandalwood, vanilla, lavender, and cedar, our quality incense brings a touch of fragrant sensuality and a sense of the exotic.

Exquisite Jewelry & Crystals, Representing Earth

At Elemental Magick, Inc., we carefully select jewelry and crystals from sustainable sources. Created to not only enhance the natural beauty of the wearer but also serve a purpose, our necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are made from semi-precious stones or crystals, and sterling silver. Many items are handmade.

Magical Crystal Products

With their innate power, crystals can help you manifest your desires. Offering crystals from pocket to mantle display size, we sell polished, slab, specimen, and jewelry varieties. Our stunning chunks of amethyst have strong healing and cleansing properties.

Clothing, Representing the Material Earth Element

Shine in colorful clothing to brighten your mood and reflect your personality. Stocking items for both men and women, our range of clothing, accessories, and hippy wear includes t-shirts, halter-tops, tank tops, sarongs, and scarves.

Gift Ideas

You’re sure to find the perfect gift in our treasure trove of a store. Come and browse our inspiring collection accompanied by the restful sound of our Elemental Magick fountain, representing the water element. Infused with dried sage, our special smudging product works to clear negativity from interior areas. Other specially selected products we offer include:

• Bath Salts
• Runes
• Pendulums
• Tarot Cards
• Oracle Cards
• Altar Supplies
• Statues
• Wood Carvings

Return Information

At Elemental Magick, we want you to love your purchase from us. If you’re not completely happy, return your item to us within 14 days of purchase for an exchange. Items must be in original condition, and accompanied with a receipt.


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