Act of Grounding and Centering and why we do it.

Grounding and Centering are two very important things that I practice daily. It always brings me back to reality and clears my mind for whatever I am faced with. When we are grounded and centered we are better able to maintain peace and calm mentally and energetically.

First lets talk about centering. Centering is referring to our mental and physical state. When we say centering this means to calm and slow our emotions. To slow our breathing to the point where we can sense more going on around and in us. Think of it as being relaxed and alert at the same time. For instance if something upsets us during our day and nothing we do whether it be get pissed, swear, scream or cry is going to change what has happened this is when we need to sit back and take a deep breath count to 5, accept what has happened and release it. This is being centered. It really does work but you have to let it go, its such of waste of energy to get so pissed because someone cut you off but what is going to change if you get mad?


So why not let that shit go? When you practice this you feel better and not negative and upset

Grounding…Grounding means to get rid of excess energy in our bodies and to create a new path for clean energy to flow. Grounding is especially beneficial if you are anxious, feeling unbalanced or have extra energy that is not of use to you at this time.  This is my favorite thing to do everyday, sometimes multiple times, lol. It connects me to Mother Earth and to the Goddess (or whom ever you choose). I truly feel awesome after this exercise and really both of these are so simple and easy you can do them anywhere. So, we are going to sit quietly and take some deep breaths and exhale slowly. As we are breathing vision yourself having roots, roots that travel down to the earth, and as they touch the earth they travel down thru the soil, thru the many layers of rock and sediment all the way to the center, where Mother Earth awaits to gather up your roots and lovingly takes the anxiousness, the unbalanced and excess energy away. She replaces it with pure gold clean energy and sends it back up, all the way up thru your feet, legs, thighs, abdomen, and torso and up your finger and arms, up your shoulders and neck all the way up to the top where it flows up and out to the Goddess where she sends her pure, clean energy back down creating a clean beautiful path for the energy to flow.  When you feel ready breathe slowly and open your eyes, to a refreshing, clean path of energy.

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